About Victor Sukiasov

Trained as a photographer by his uncle at the age of sixteen, Victor Sukiasov had a career spanning a for half a century, taking pictures in Tbilisi Zoo. In his impromptu outdoor studio, he would take black and white picture of children and print photos by using a contact printing method in his little booth where he would also sometimes take short naps in the hot summer weather.

Victor’s home life and his work were much intertwined, he would take his family on holidays outside Tbilisi, taking along with them the iconic papier-mâché horse and setting it up in the park in Manglisi or Tsagveri. This way he could continue working and taking pictures of children while being close to his family.

Victor unintentionally contributed to collective memory of several generations in Tbilisi, taking photos of the same horse and in the same place for decades. Looking at those photographs triggers a relatable memory for who posed for Victor. Without knowing it, he has created ‘a time-machine’ for the collective memory. People look at the portraits of themselves, of their parents or of friends sitting proudly upright on the horse and happily delve into childhood memories