„Watch the birdie“

The Digital Archive titled “Zoo Horse” is dedicated to the iconic papier-mâché horse that resided in Tbilisi Zoo and became an ephemeral symbol of childhood. The photographer, Victor Sukiasov, who took numerous pictures of children on that horse, worked there for almost half a century, but as new affordable cameras appeared he had to retire in 2013.

Unfortunately, the photographer’s archive didn’t survive and thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of films, were either lost or destroyed. However, the children’s portraits that were taken roughly between 1960 - 2013 can still be found in family albums.

You can view the digital archive or upload your photo if you happen to have one.

About the Digital Archive project

The digital archive project came up as a collaborative work of Vija Skangale, who has shown an interest in researching the and Aleksander Sukiasov in order to collect the digital archive and preserve the legacy created by Victor Sukiasov. This will be followed by an art project in Tbilisi Zoo (the information about this project will be available soon).

Press about project


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